Development and Design:


SynApps’ elite development team has built award winning apps for iOS, Android and the web.  We value the power of simple, expressive ideas and understand that keeping it simple can be complicated! We approach every project with passion and creativity.  A senior member of the team is always ready take a call, have a meeting, or grab a drink.

Choosing the right agency might just be the most important decision of the development process. Many agencies look at new projects as just another part of day to day operations. That's not us.  We treat every project as our own, becoming personally invested in developing your vision and achieving your goals.




Marketing isn’t an afterthought, it isn’t something you do when development is finished.  We believe a strong marketing plan is the foundation of a successful app.  Determining the best way to reach your demographic is the first step of our development process.  We take an idea and turn into something people can’t live without.

From the Name to the Fame we will work with you to craft a strategy that exceeds expectations and timelines. Our unique marketing team works side by side with the developers to ensure the final product will make a splash when it launches.